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01 Mar

Get your Home Summer Ready

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Sunny and warm days are around the corner. Before you realise, the mercury levels will rise, and you will feel the need of getting the house summer ready. A simple, seasonal update can be perfect for the home makeover. Before those heavy rugs and drapes start irking, roll and store...

26 Dec
The kitchen is the home of the heart, and @home strongly believes that it’s a space that really brings out the creativity in you. With the holiday season approaching, it’s going to be a lot of spending time in the kitchen making delish treats, baking Christmas goodies, and doing a...

08 Dec


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Decorating your rental home can be tricky. On one hand, you want to make the space completely your own and feel at home, on the other hand, you can’t make it so customized so as to kiss your security deposit goodbye. In that condition, how do you make your home...

11 May
This summer fall in love with the #ShadesOfTheSeason! Of the myriad of colours in the palette, we bring to you four carefully curated and handpicked colour themes that will make your home buzz with a contemporary and fresh look. Today we bring to you the first of our four themes:...

14 Nov
Every Sofa is a piece of investment and more importantly, a statement your living room makes to everyone visiting your nest. The walls and the sofas together form the ambience you want to create in your living room. And with the wear and tear of the sofa, do you comprise...

06 Oct
  Your Couch is always at the heart of all the hustle & bustle in your living room. And buying this comfortable, beautiful priced asset is never an expense, but an investment you make for a long period of time. Your bond with the couch only grows stronger with time...

12 May

Music Inspired Home Décor

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Music Inspired Home Décor   Is home decoration on your mind? With so many options available, deciding on elements and shades of home décor can be a daunting task. Whether to infuse that rustic touch or stick to contemporary décor items, there are just too many things which keep popping-up....

14 Mar

How to keep your house guests happy!

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When hosting your family and friends, as the day of their arrival nears there is always a mix of emotions. You are excited and have that hint of dread. Even though, you are looking forward to having your close ones over, you are also worried about keeping them entertained and...

06 Jan

Instagram Inspired Home Styling Ideas

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Uploading the perfect Instagram picture in your mind? Then we have some wonderful styling ideas, inspirational themes and products that will help you have your dream home and impeccable Instagram account. Post your picture perfect home with our crazy tricks and tips to have some serious fan following on Instagram....

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08 Jul

Let Your Home Love Monsoon Too

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With monsoon knocking your door, experimenting and making some changes in home trends can help you make the most of this romantic season. Let’s leave no stone unturned to beautify your home, making it colourful and inviting. Splash some colourful linens, wall arts, playful lights and aromatic candles to have...

01 Jun
Home making is always fun and exciting. And it is every homemakers desire to have everything prim and proper at home. We always have some reason to change, add or edit something at home, making revamping and refurbishing a never ending process. And what can be better than a Super...

24 Nov

This year, we are thankful for…

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Thanksgiving is that big holiday where families and friends gather for the best feast of the year after which the Christmas season is said to begin. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or hosting a grand thanksgiving party, what’s certain to impress your guests and family is a well-dressed table....

12 Nov

10 Best Diwali Gifting Ideas!

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Whether you know it as the ‘Hindu New year’ or the ‘festival of lights’, brace yourselves because Diwali is just around the corner! Nearly every child’s favourite festival which involves a lot of sweets, firecrackers and of course, gifts! But then, kids aren’t the only ones that enjoy surprise gifts....

25 May

Trendy Additions On @home

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Want to give your home a revamp this season? Make @home your one-stop destination! We have made some really trendy and stylish additions across various categories like home furniture, furnishings, decor, kitchen and bathroom. Here’s a list of some stylish additions that we are crushing on. Take a look and...