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Looking for bedroom furnishings? Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Decorating your home is not easy. You have to get all the elements on-point – furniture, curtains, rugs, upholstery, wall color, art, lighting, etc. This is especially true when you’re decorating your bedroom. The bedroom is our go-to place for peace and calm, for relaxing and rejuvenating. And so, it requires you to be extremely careful.

Let’s look at some key factors to keep in mind when choosing your bedroom furnishings.
The color of your house furnishings

Choosing the right color themes for your bedroom can help you create the right kind of mood and vibe for your room. Whether you like your bedroom warm, cool, bright, light or white, choose the color of your bedroom furnishings accordingly.

Bedroom furnishingscurtains, bedspreads, blankets, floor mats, rugs, furniture such as bed, night stand, wardrobe, etc. should be color coordinated. It will bring harmony into your house and give it a creative feel.

Choose furnishings based on the size of your rooms
Small-sized furniture in large rooms and vice versa can ruin the look of your interior. When choosing home furnishings, it is important to keep in mind the size of your room. Here are tips that most interior design experts vouch for:

● If your room is small do not go for curtains and upholstery with large prints. They will make the room look smaller.
● For smaller rooms, choose plain furnishings such as plain curtains, monochromatic upholstery, and minimalist furniture design.
● If the room is small, buy smaller furniture such as a small night stand, a narrow dresser, etc. Avoid buying large furniture such as recliner chairs, king-sized beds, etc.
● If you have a study table in your bedroom, choose a table that suits the size of the room. Don’t fret if you have a small room; you can get a folding or a wall mounted study desk.


Here’s a compact dresser with a mirror that lends itself well to small sized rooms. Made of engineered wood, its monochromatic color theme of white and teak and minimalist design make it perfect for small bedrooms.
The functionality of the furnishings
Choosing designer furnishings merely for its look and feel might not serve the purpose and hence, it’s always wise to look into its functionality. Here are some ways in which you can bring home functional furnishings:

● Choose a night stand that can be used for different purposes, not just as a night stand.
● Add a lounge chair to your bedroom which can be equally useful in the living room. Moreover, it can transition into a footrest when needed.
● Get a bed which provides storage space — it will create more space in the room as you will need a lesser number of cupboards.

Check out this double bed with storage. Made of sheesham wood, it provides ample space for storing house essentials and keeping them hidden.
Always go for a theme when choosing furnishings
You will find a wide range of furnishings for your home, but if you do not plan it ahead of buying, it can ruin the look of your home. For example, if you choose one mid-century desk and try to pair it with a pop chair and bring in an antique rug, you’ll end up with a hotchpotch. Here are some theme ideas to help you out:

● If you love greenery, go for a tropical theme — think curtains and rugs with floral prints.
● If your taste tilts to minimalism, keep your furnishings monochromatic — go for shades of brown, white, and beige.
● Choose a theme that relates to your personality. No matter what your theme, you will surely find designer furnishings to match it.
Final words
When furnishing your bedroom, it’s important to plan first and then begin with your purchases. Confused about how to plan? Check out At-Home online furniture store to look at the various options available; then, decide what you want your bedroom to look like.