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This week’s shade of the season: Floral Delight


This summer fall in love with the #ShadesOfTheSeason! Of the myriad of colours in the palette, we bring to you four carefully curated and handpicked colour themes that will make your home buzz with a contemporary and fresh look. Today we bring to you the first of our four themes: Floral Delight

Floral delight is a colourful medley of abstract floral motifs in vibrant shades.  It is an artwork that can be best explored in its abstract form as it gives you the complete freedom to sketch your imagination while colouring your perception. With its aesthetic beauty this colour palette redefines and enhances the simplicity of minimalism. The hearty flowers and the shimmering colours together create an aura of magnetism.


One can simply set trends by using these vibrant colours in different ways, where calming greys can cover the wall with its subtlety a polished wall shelf can add its own touch of elegance. Lighter shades reflect more light and create a brighter environment as compared to the darker shades which reflect less light leading to a slightly dimmer environment.


Sofas wrapped in delicate colours can speak aloud with bright cushion covers. A contrast of soft coloured sofas and vibrant cushions covers is always a sight to behold and the combination of trendy prints shall add to that extra oomph.


Quirking things up with trendy and stylish décor can complete that picture-perfect dreamy look. After all, what’s a home without some vogue décor!

This theme consists of energetic Orange and soothing Greys. Orange being the perfect blend of energized red and joyful yellow helps to craft an environment of creativity and mirth. The addition of soothing greys will colour your humble abode with the seamless strokes of simplicity.

These lively and playful colours will accentuate your home in an artistic yet humble manner allowing people to exult in its beauty. Be welcomed by this refreshing change, shop now from and explore the world of colours leading towards a beautiful living.