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The kitchen is the home of the heart, and @home strongly believes that it’s a space that really brings out the creativity in you. With the holiday season approaching, it’s going to be a lot of spending time in the kitchen making delish treats, baking Christmas goodies, and doing a lot of cleaning up after.

What if we tell you, that you can skip the stress of cleaning a messy kitchen?

Yes, that’s true! A little organizing, some prior preparation, and of course, our range of kitchenware, can keep your kitchen in order this holiday season. Read on to find out how:

  1. Clean and sort the pantry

It might sound like a lot of work in the beginning, but trust us, it’s worth it. Begin with digging into your existing pantry stock and clear out anything that has expired, or you don’t intend to use anymore. For cereals, pulses, rice and other grains, stock them into clear canisters from @home. It will not only help you keep the kitchen organized, but will also add to the aesthetics.


      2. Plan your meals

This merry season will see a lot of friends and family joining you for dinners and weekend brunches. If you’re a host who loves to cook, you would want to do all the preps in-house, this can get simpler with a planned menu. Curate a menu before you head out grocery shopping to avoid any repeat purchases. Arrange your groceries in clear containers from @home so that they become easy to identify.



       3. Check Cutlery and Dining Inventory

Family dinners and brunches mean bringing out that special cutlery and dining sets that not only look elegant but also bring about a smile with fond memories! On these special occasions, of course, you need to make a good impression, don’t you? Explore from a range of stylish dinner sets from @home taking your guests on another voyage of beautiful memories.



        4. Prep your meals in advance

You don’t want to miss out on all the family gossip and game nights by spending hours in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. Prep your meals in advance and keep them warm with @home’s casseroles. It won’t only save you time and let you enjoy with your loved ones, but will also keep the food warm and fresh to be served just when needed.


      5.  Keep your bakeware lined and ready

Holiday means a lot of baking – and goodies that will fill your home with the aroma of love and laughter. But if you’re the kind to bake only occasionally, chances are that you may have rusted or old bakeware. Fret not, because @home’s range of bakeware is ideal for you.

Pro tip: Keep them lined with butter paper to avoid missing out on the finer details of baking.


        6. Serve well

Delicious food requires elegant plating, if it’s not beautiful, it doesn’t appeal. Why not serve your guests appetizers and welcome mocktails on @home’s range of elegant serving trays?


Now that you know these tricks to keep your kitchen organized this holiday season, head to an @home store near you. Pfft, we have some holiday discounts too. Hurry!