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Give your home the best festive vibe with these home decor ideas

Festivals are a time to deck up. They’re also a time for get-togethers and house parties. And the perfect reason to add festive decor to the house. Let’s look at some awesome festive home decor ideas to do-up your home.
Declutter your home
The first step in decorating your home for any festival should be to clean it. Cleaning of homes has a special significance for many festivals, including Diwali. A clean home brings positive vibes and enhances your home decor. Here are some tips to clean your home for the festive season:

● Remove all the things from your cupboards and shelves that you haven’t used for years. Then, ask yourself if you will use them in the coming year. If your answer is ‘no’, then it’s definitely time for a giveaway.

● Dust every nook and corner and inch of your home. We often tend to miss out dusting the back of the furniture or the tops of tall furniture such as cupboards.
Add instant freshness with new furniture
Festivals are auspicious occasions, which makes them a perfect time to bring home new furniture. Especially festivals like Diwali and Dussehra are known for buying large and expensive furniture. So, if replacing your old furniture with new was on your mind, it’s a good time to do so. Moreover, you can get lucky with festive discounts on furniture. Whether you’re looking to buy a new sofa, a coffee table, dining table or just chairs, you’ll find a wide range of collections at great prices.
Keep it bright and colorful
Colors play a key role during festivals. Bright and vibrant colors add joy and energy to our celebrations. And your home needs a festive color update, too.

Add colors that carry special significance. Add red for purity, green for happiness, yellow for vibrancy. But how do you add these colors to your home decor?

● Have a bright colored rug under your coffee table
● Colorful accessories for your living room
● Replace curtains with colorful dupattas for the festival season
● Bring in some colorful cushions for your sofa set or your lounge chairs
Bring in flower power
Decorating your home with flowers can never go out of style. And when it’s festival time, you can go for traditional flowers. For example:

● For Diwali and Dhanteras, choose marigold, hibiscus, Indian rose, and mogra.
● For Christmas, go for roses and Christmas foliage.

Give the entrance of your home a grand update with floral decorations. Think toranas, flower rangolis, garlands, etc. Place flower vases in different rooms and places in your home. Decorate the puja room with flowers.
Make your home bright with lights
No festival is complete without lights. Let’s look at what kind of lights you should bring home for which festival.

Since Diwali and Dhanteras are traditional Indian festivals, it would be meaningful to have traditional diyas in your home decor. You will find a wide range of earthen diyas from the local store in your nearby market. Get a lot of them and place them all over in your house.

For Christmas and New Year, you could think about fairy lights, warm yellow lamps, and lanterns. Add a variation of lights – bright, warm, yellow, and white.
Is your home ready for the festive season?
There! We’ve shared some of the most awesome festive home decor ideas that you can easily use during this festive season. If you’re looking to buy home decor items, head over to At-Home online store. And get started with your festive decor shopping!