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Decorating your rental home can be tricky. On one hand, you want to make the space completely your own and feel at home, on the other hand, you can’t make it so customized so as to kiss your security deposit goodbye.

In that condition, how do you make your home beautiful?

Here are a few tips and tricks to decorate your home, when you have limitations of living on rent.

1. Display Art : Here’s the best way you can satisfy your art addiction without having to deal with a single nail for your wall. Simply put them on display. Consider existing shelves, tabletops or simply the corners of the room – a little imagination is all it takes for the transformation.

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2. Lighting is the way to go : Lighting is often the most neglected aspect when it comes to decorating your rental home. Investing in small but beautiful lamps and shades add personality to your home and can change the vibe of your house instantly. Be it an overhead lamp or a filament bulb to add an evening glow to your room, choosing the right lighting and wattage can make your home look and feel beautiful.

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3. Make Smart Investments on Key Pieces : While living in a rented home, your money is best invested in things that you can carry along to your next home. Picking up a few standout pieces of furniture, maintaining an overall theme for your home, are some of the steps that can work towards making your home feel beautiful. Be it a comfortable recliner or an attractive center table – invest in objects that reflect your personality through time.


4. Decorate your windows : A quick fix to change the décor of any room in your house – dress up your windows. From colors to textures to even fabric, curtains are the most versatile accessories that can give your rental home the much-needed change. You can choose the colours and fabrics that complement the other linen and accessories you have used in adjacent spaces. Choose from a wide range of curtains from our range, from here.


5. Keep an eye out for soft furnishings and fixtures : Neglecting the finer, minute details of home décor can be a setback, if you’re living in a rental home.  Most of these homes have the issue of unpolished or cracked floorings, water leakage marks on walls and so on. The simplest way to deal with these issues is to take charge of your soft furnishings and fixtures. Pick up a few rugs, add some bold colored cushions, have complementing bed linen, and voila, your basic rental home will transform into your dream home without burning a hole in your pocket.



Here’s a Pro Tip from us: Door and cabinet handles, crockery items, indoor plants – the list is endless. There are multiple ways in which you can give your rental home that edge by ensuring you pick the right kind of furniture and fittings.

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Happy Home Decorating!