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Get your Home Summer Ready

Sunny and warm days are around the corner. Before you realise, the mercury levels will rise, and you will feel the need of getting the house summer ready. A simple, seasonal update can be perfect for the home makeover. Before those heavy rugs and drapes start irking, roll and store them. Even replace the candle stands with vases for fresh flowers and get cutlery to relish popsicles, and store away the soup bowls.

To give a quick seasonal update to your home, check the summer décor and furnishings from @home and get started.

Enliven the Home with Summer Sun: It is time of the year to remove those heavy drapes and welcome summers. Make your home bright and inviting with the ambient sun rays. Get some light and sheer curtains in floral prints and make the house lively. How about curtains in bright blues, mild yellow, tangerine or lime green? Get breezy curtains in such hues from @home and uplift the look. However, if such vibrant hues don’t excite you, then settle for curtains in soft grey and white.


Alternatively, explore soft multicolour curtains from here.

Let Cotton Reign: Of course, breezy curtains are the ideal addition. But wonder what can be done for the rest of the furnishing? Getting light and breathable ones is a must. So, wrap-up those comforters and flannel sheets and make the bed with light, cotton sheets. These can give a nice and cool look to your home. Moreover, you must get these sheets in soothing neutrals and prints for that calming appeal.


There are many such options here@home. Explore them!

Design the Patio Right: Outdoors deserve special treatment during summers. A small deck or spacious lawn, design it right for those enjoyable summer evenings and gatherings. Get garden tables, chairs or swings for your yard and have an optimum seating arrangement for those summer parties in place. You can add some colourful cushions too as the intent should be to create a relaxing vibe.


How about welcoming the fresh and breezy season with such classy and colourful garden chairs? Get them from @home!

Bring Potted Greens Inside: Somethings are perfect for every season and one such décor addition can be potted greens. They can change the feel of the space and give it a soothing touch.


How about this Bamboo tree from @home? There are many more varieties that you can explore here. Alternatively, if you want to remove toxins and purify the air at home, then get beautiful planters and design the home with fresh greens and flowers.

Colourful & Fun Accessories: You no longer need the cosy vibe in your home, so do away with those silk arrangements and candles. Instead, get glass vases or stone pebble jars and infuse monochrome décor elements. Even adding water fountains can be ideal when doing a summer makeover.


Get such colourful and beautiful accessories for your home from @home.

How are you planning to get your home summer ready? Share your ideas in the comments below.