Tips to Turn your Bedroom into the Ultimate Sleep Cave

Ah, the bed is all you need after that hard and long day at work! Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your sleeping and recharging zone. Though we all know that adequate sleep is a pre-requisite for our health and happiness, we often forgo it due to work and personal commitments. If you are unable to increase your sleep time, you may want to try and improvise its quality. Also, don’t worry it is not such a herculean task. Just do a few things right, and you can turn your bedroom into your ultimate sleep cave.

These comfy additions from @home and simple tips will help you start everyday on a fresh and healthy note. After all, you spend at least one third of your life in your bedroom!

Let Comfort take Centre Stage: Exhibit the creative you in the rest of your home decor. However, as far as the bedroom is concerned, keep it simple and let comfort take precedence. It is your slumber sanctuary so focus on quality instead of quantity. When it comes to choosing the bed linen,the beadings or sequins are an absolute no. Instead, you should choose soft bedsheets in colours of your choice with a firm or fluffy pillow.


Pro Tip: Choose light colour bed sheets if you want to give a soothing and spacious feel to the bedroom. You can shop for such pretty and exquisitely soft bedsheets from @home.

Get the Right Mattress: To add to the comfort factor, getting the right mattress is a must. Depending upon your requirement you should zero down on it. There are spring, coir and foam mattress available @home. According to the body type and pain area, you may choose the best one for your bedroom and enjoy baby-like sleep every night.


 Pro Tip: To enhance the look of the room, get a mattress with more thickness and layer the bed right. Further, for that inviting appeal, opt for a rug or comforter.

Don’t Let Light Play a Spoil Sport:Along with working on these internal factors, you should work on the external ones too. One such external factor that can disturb your sound sleep is light. It prevents the secretion of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone medicine. So, if you don’t want the light to play a spoilsport, then invest in blackout curtains, which will block the light from penetrating into your bedroom.


Pro Tip: If you like reading at night, then use mood lighting in soft or yellow light and be considerate for your partner.

Dim the Lights & Set the Ambience:As night approaches, you can turn on the mood lights and use dimmers to set the right ambience. It will signal your brain that it is night time and you need to sleep. Look for different lighting systems, which can create a relaxing and sleep-inducing mood.


Pro Tip: Start switching to the night mode on your smartphone and tabs too. They do influence your sleep cycle. As far as possible, turn off the TV and gadgets an hour before bedtime.

The Magic of Lavender:The sedative property of lavender will have you sleep longer and better. You get it in the form of essential oils and sprays. Choose as per your preference andspread the aroma before hitting the bed.


Pro Tip: You can get candles in lavender fragrance or use reed or electric diffusers with lavender essential oil and spread the fragrance in the room every night.

A Bedtime Ritual:The above bedroom makeover will go a long way in improvising your sleep quality. You can get all these beautiful products from @home.

However, along with the products you could also make some effort toestablish and start following a bedtime ritual. It will not be such a task either. How about meditating and calming yourself before going to bed? Try it for a few days it will work wonders.

Pro Tip: Just before heading to bed or even while meditating play calming music. It will soothe you and help you with good night sleep.

 If you have been trying some other means and they are proving useful, then share your wonderful tips in the comments below.