Make your Home Green Today for a Better Blue Tomorrow

You feel it is only the environment enthusiasts who try imbibing green initiatives everywhere? Well, going green is the need of the hour. As an inhabitant of this planet, you need to contribute your share. While this green contribution will help keep your home clean and clutter-free, it will also help us prepare for a blue tomorrow. It is a simple fact, the less energy you use, the more money you save. Every green initiative you take at home will have a direct impact on your own carbon footprint and that of our planet.

Is the idea of a green renovation intimidating? Fortunately, you can start with several small initiatives and make your home go green. Read on and start having a green bank account too!

Say Yes to Natural Light: You have those fancy and decorative lights at home and love the way they set the home ambience right. However, keep them turned off during the daytime. Let the natural light illuminate the house during the day. It is bright and can give your home a warm ambience. For this, you will need to design the windows right! Pair-up dark and light colour curtains. Alternatively, use blackout and sheer curtains. These can provide much-needed privacy and sunlight


Pair-up printed and solid window curtains and give an elegant look to your living room while allowing the natural light inside. Explore such options from @home!

Use the Lamps, the Lights the Green Way: Of course, you should continue using those beautiful chandeliers, table and floor lamps. These have their charm and can set the mood right. Mood lighting is a real thing, explore it. But go greenway. Use those lamps and chandeliers with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or light emitting diodes (LEDs) in a natural hue. As compared with traditional bulbs, they have a longer life span and consume less energy. These are energy conserving alternatives on which you can rely without compromising on the illumination aspect.


Buy such mushroom lamps from @home for your console table. But remember to fit a CFL or LED bulb in them.

Plant Little Initiatives: Energizing and calming, green colour exhibits vibes, which you will love inside and outside your home. So, start growing plants. Get colourful planters for your deck and explore accentuating range for indoors. It’s a great way of purifying the air inside and around your home, and in contributing to a greener, healthier and happier environment. Some green plants that can be perfect for indoors include spider and rubber plants. Moreover, these indoor plants don’t require frequent watering or maintenance making them an ideal addition.


How about these colourful planters from @home?

Other than these inclusions, following some preventive measures can go a long way. Unplug the appliances, switch off the lights and turn off the water tap when not in use. Even when it comes to cleaning the house, use a cloth and start using non-toxic cleaners. These small steps will be significant. Going green is not only about tree hugging. It is an investment that you are making for your future and for your coming generations. Moreover, there is a lot that you can do with that extra saving month after month. Think about it!

If you would like to infuse the above suggestions, then you can get similar products from @home. Besides, if you are taking some other green initiatives, then share your suggestions in the comments below.