Tips To Add An Ethnic Touch To Your Home

They always say “I Love My India”. And it’s true, what’s not to love about this beautiful country; the culture, the traditions and the essence. We believe every Indian home should be a reflection of these core elements.

Here are the 10 ideas to add the classic Indian touch to your home.


1. Indian Prints: Paisleys or Warli are the perfect example of typical Indian prints. Kantha, elephant mandala and Indian embroidery are also popular. You can choose the one you love best and give your sofa an ethnic makeover.


2. Drapes: Combining Indian prints with plain curtains enhances the look and feel of your space. Go for lovely silk, georgette or velvet fabrics. If you opt for binds, go for Indian patterns. A fusion of the two can be super trendy too.


3. Carpets and cushions: If your style bends towards minimalistic, Indian rugs and cushion covers are just the pieces you need. Pick the right upholstery and add a stunning Indian touch to your room.


4. Sculptures and paintings: Traditional paintings are a wonderful way to add an Indian feel to your décor. Bold artifacts such as a Buddha statue or an old piece from your grandparent’s collection may work wonders too.


5. Acessories: Brass vessels, earthen pots, hukkahs, carved wooden panels, idols of Indian deities, silverware are some of the best elements that help you add a vintage feel to your home.


6. Fixtures: Indian states are famous for their artistic décor. Be it the famous needlework from Gujarat or the Meenakari marble work from Uttar Pradesh. Pick a style you love and transform your space accordingly.


Apart from these other factors that play an important role are lighting, placement of antiques, wall art and false ceilings. If used correctly these elements will lend you a solid peek into history and add that ethnic touch to your home which you always desired. Go ahead and carve India in your homes!