This week’s shade of the season: Azure Aura


This summer, explore the world of colours and cruise into beautiful living with the perfect blend from personified beauty of #ShadesOfTheSeason. Today, we shall introduce another theme from the soulful colour palette of 4 beautiful combinations.

Persenting – Azure Aura!

Naturally occurring or man-made, geometry is omnipresent in its very basic form; from lines to complex constructions that tour into a world of mind blowing illusions. Azure Aura covers the enigmatic combination of abstract geometry, rhythmic blues and sea greens. The tints and shades of blue when combined with deep sea greens can perfectly set a cool and soothing aura for your space. The oracular blend of these colours speaks aloud in its own language of purity, loyalty, strength, and wisdom. Let the beauty of these abstract shades engulf you like the magic of the shimmery sky.

A pinch of silver along with this mixture of azures definitely adds a glamorous, modern and elegant streak to your abode.

For the walls, if you wish to walk the minimalist way, simple elegance of grey walls with the abstract of geometric designs creates a modish stir. A mounted mirror that matches with the wall adds that extra gleam to balance minimalism with vogue.  A wall painted with geometric designs avoids the hustle of wall shelves and on its own adds that extra oomph to your nest.

The furniture of the room if set in accordance to thematic of the wall colour, gives an exquisite feel. To perk things up, stylish décor elements can be added with a mix of greys, blues and sea greens to balance the subtlety and brightness. Small additions like a floor lamp and a bed side rug make a dreamy difference in enhancing the overall look of the room.

This theme consisting of pure Blues, sea Greens and calming Greys creating a base for seamless possibilities with cooling a host of colours and designs. These subtle and bright colours highlight your home in an abstract yet colourful way creating an aura of intricate designs in the finest colours. Be lost in the potential of this beautifully baffling change, shop now from https://www.at-home.co.in and fall in love with the #ShadesOfTheSeason!