Essential Feng-Shui Practices You Should Follow For A Happy Household And A Peaceful Workplace!


The Chinese term ‘feng shui’ literally translates as ‘wind-water’ in English. The ancient equivalent to our Indian Vastu Shastra, China’s Feng Shui discusses the architecture of homes and workplaces in terms of an invisible energy force ‘Qi (Chi)’ that binds the universe, earth, and humanity together.

‘Qi’ is a vital ‘life force’ which must flow through every living entity for them to live a balanced and harmonized life. The energy of Feng Shui can be positive, or Sheng Qi, weakening or the Si Qi, and harmful, which is called Sha Qi.  Through various practices and minor habitual changes, one can gather and increase their Sheng Qi, while reducing or eliminating the Si and Sha Qi, to make their lives at home beautiful.

But how can you use ‘Qi’ to your benefit?

Accumulating the positive energy can lead to good health, prosperity, and overall peace of mind in your homes.

Here are some highly effective yet simple Feng-Shui practices through which you and your environment can harmonize with ‘Qi’!

  1. Eliminate the clutter


Keep your workstation free of any unnecessary clutter! A cluttered space can neither attract nor keep the ‘Qi’ responsible for wealth, health and balance. Instead, it invites discomfort to space. In addition to keeping your space organized, make it a point to clear the mess regularly.

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Pro Tip 1: If hoarding is your thing, here’s a quick suggestion to help you declutter. Try dividing the clutter into categories of how least often you have used the products in the past few months and discard or give away the least used items.

2. Invite harmony with balance


Try avoiding sharp corners wherever possible in your home and workplace. While buying furniture or modeling your space, ensure that there are no pointed angles or sharp edges. According to Feng Shui, pointed angles channel negative energy which contribute to restlessness in the environment.

Infact, according to Feng Shui sharp corners act as ‘poison arrows’ that are filled with negative qi. Whilst weakening your energy, negative ‘Qi’ can have a harmful effect on your health, good luck and wealth.  Not only that, furniture with rounded edges are more practical because it helps you and your children avoid bumping into corners and hurting themselves.

Pro Tip 2: Maintain balance through your furniture. It is recommended to have two nightstands by the bed to invite balance and a sense of harmony in your bedroom. If you do not have nightstands you can have two stools or even little coffee tables but a pair is recommended.

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3. Fix the broken


Let it be written in stone that no broken thing has a place in your home. Your environment is related to you and hence a broken piece of furniture, chipped crockery or a cracked mirror can have an effect on your health, peace, and harmony.

Fix these broken things, replace or get rid of them immediately to avoid negative ‘Qi’. Most of the homes would have a chipped mug or tea cup. If you think getting them fixed could be a hassle, then you can opt for @home’s fine dining range.

4. Create a ‘money space’


According to Feng Shui, the wealth or the money ‘space’ is considered to be located in the southeast corner of your home or office. Always remember to keep this space clear of any clutter. In addition to that, incorporate elements of wealth, nourishment and prosperity in that space.

The element of wealth, wood, is nourished by elements of water. To incorporate these, place a small fountain or a fish aquarium on wooden furniture. In fact, even the colour blue or pictures of water bodies like lakes, ocean and, rivers can be helpful. Also, try decorating the ‘money space’ with mirrors and plants to symbolize prosperity.

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5. Other practices to balance ‘Qi’


In addition to the above tips, other small practices can also help you balance the ‘Qi’ in your environment.

To avoid energy and money loss, always close the bathroom door after use. Place candles in the south direction of your home or workplace to invite harmony. Also, decorate the north or the northwest area of your home or workspace with metal decor like photo frames and bowls for good luck.

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Let us know in the comments section below how these Feng Shui practices have made your life beautiful.