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13 Mar

Make Your Apartment Baby-proof!

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A home becomes more beautiful home when it’s filled with pitter-patter of little feet.  Children fill your life with happiness and it’s your duty to think about their safety. But many a times these innocent angels are prone to injure themselves in the house.

What do you do in such a scenario? You baby-proof your apartment! Follow these simple baby-proofing methods to ensure your child’s safety!

 Install safety gates. Safety gates are designed to prevent your child from falling down the stairs and to stop them from having access to selected areas of the home. You can install the ones that are up-to-date with current safety standards. Use safety gates for places that could be risky for your children. For eg. Doorways that lead to a staircase.

Swathe the Switch: Children often are prone to sticking their fingers in electrical circuits. To prevent your child from doing so it is a must to use protective coverings.

Anchor Strap: Baby’s love to climb onto things. Large furniture like dressers or desks should be fastened with an anchor strap to avoid tilting or falling, if the baby climbs on it.

Keep Chemicals/Medicines Out of Reach: Children often have a tendency of putting things in their mouth. To avoid that make sure all of your household chemicals are out of reach. Purchasing cabinet locks or child-proof caps for the chemicals is also a good measure. Make sure all the medicine bottles too have child-proof caps.

Use Bath-tub Covers: You sure don’t want your child to dive into the bath-tub without your supervision. Hence it’s better to get a cover for your tub that you can strap down to prevent your child from falling in it.

Fences in the Yard:  Children are like curious kittens; they love to explore. Make sure your yard is fenced so your child doesn’t run off anywhere. If you live on a certain floor make sure you get grills for your windows with foam cushioning.

Store Appliances Appropriately:  Make sure all house-hold devices are properly stored in an area unapproachable for your child.

Keep Glass Objects Away:  Keep all brittle items away and out of reach of your children’s hands.

Cover Furniture edges/corners: Use foam guards to protect your child from being injured from the sharp edges of your furniture.

Use a doorstop:  Tiny fingers get pinched in doors often. Prevent them by using doorstops and door holders.

And above all; love your babies unconditionally!


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