Give a makeover to your living room in 5 easy steps

We all want a living room with good decor and great vibes. But often we find ourselves asking, ‘how do I decorate my modern living room?’ or ‘How do I decorate my living room on a budget?’ So we’ve put together some amazing living room decor ideas that you might find useful.

Plan your living room decor ideas
When you’re decorating your living room, never start with curtains or cushions. Always plan. You can do so by jotting down living room decor ideas that you like. If you run a simple search on the internet for ‘living room ideas 2021’ or ‘beautiful living room ideas’, you’ll find many tips. Then, based on the ideas, gather decor items.

Before you begin the process of decorating your living room, follow these steps to keep the process smooth and easy.

● First, answer a few basic questions – What style or theme do you want in your living room decor? Do you want a modern living room, a contemporary and pop style, antique or mid-century?
● Based on that, make a list of living room furniture that you will need to buy. Think sofa set, living room chairs, a coffee table, a console table, among others.
● If you wish to decorate your living room walls with paintings, wall hangings, clocks, etc, look for living room wall decor ideas and choose what you’d like to buy.

2. Buy furniture for your living room
For any living room, the seating arrangement is important. Whether you need a two seater or a three seater sofa depends on the size of your living room and the number of people who live in the house.

You can find lots of options for living room furniture online. If you’re wondering how to decorate your living room on a budget, browsing online furniture stores is the best thing to do. Not only can you find a lot of options, you can even easily compare the prices of different pieces that you like.

Here are some key furniture pieces that you’ll require for your living room decor:

Sofa: Depending on your seating needs, you could choose the size and capacity of your sofa. The style of your living room sofa will depend on the overall theme of the living room decor. If it’s modern and antique, go for a wooden sofa.

Coffee table or center table: The coffee table or center table is a key piece of furniture. It’s where friends and family will gather. Choose a table that matches with the other furniture pieces. Eg., If you’re buying a dark mahogany wooden sofa, you should accordingly choose a matching wooden table.

Console table: Depending on the size of your living room and the need, you could invest in a console table to keep against one wall. It will not only add a decorative element to the room, but also provide space to display your trinkets.

Living room chairs: If the sofa is small or if you need more seating space, choose one or two chairs for your living room. It will add volume and make your space look fuller, too.

3. Light up your living room
Lighting is extremely important to the living room decor. Most people pay a lot of attention to living room furniture, living room wall colors and other elements but forget about the lighting in the living room.

Lighting can also be a part of your living room wall decor ideas. Consider lighting as one of the decorative items of the living room and you’ll end up doing a good job with it. If you consider it as just light, you might end up buying the most boring, flat lights.

Some tips:
● Mix up the lights in your living room – soft yellow lighting to create a warm ambience for when you invite friends in the evenings, and bright spot lights for the day time when you need added brightness.
● Make sure the lights are not flat and there’s a play of light and shadow in your living room. Flat light hardly will flatten out even the most charming looking living room decor.

4. Add functional decor pieces to your living room
As soon as all the key furniture pieces are finalized for your living room decor, you’ll know how much more space you have and how much more you can spend, depending on your budget for the living room decor.

Buy functionals fillers such as:
● Rugs and mats: choose the right size, design, texture, and color of rugs for your living room floor. It should match your living room decor style.
● Paintings and frames: paintings and frames are key decorative items for the living room. You can beautify your living room walls with photo frames, paintings and more. Look up the internet for some modern living room decor ideas and you’ll find something that matches your taste.
● Side tables: You might have some more space after arranging your sofa and tables. Make use of that space in the nooks and corners by placing side tables or floor lamps.
● Extra tables: Small tables are essentials in living rooms. You might need them when extra guests come by or when you want to place living room decor items like table lamps and vases.

5. Sprinkle some personality on your living room decor
Now that you’re almost set with your living room decor, bring in some accessories to add style and personality. Now is the time you should think of the small accessories like cushions and throws. Here are some ideas to accessorize your living room:
● Add cushions, throw pillows, and throws on the sofa.
● Adorn your walls with photo frames and paintings.
● Bring out your knick knacks and collectibles.
● Display some of your favorite books on the living room coffee table.
● Throw floor cushions where there’s empty space.
● Add some green with plants and planters.
Are you ready to decorate your living room?
Here, we’ve given you basic tips to decorate and enhance your living room. Whether you’re looking for small living room decorating ideas for living room ideas on a budget, we’ve given you some of the most amazing tips shared by interior design experts. All you have to do is pick and choose.