All You Need to Know About Dressing Tables

Dressing up is about feeling confident in your skin. your dressing area is complete only with an ideal dressing table. But how does one go about looking for dressers that meet all your requirements? While there are so many options to choose from, here are some key factors that will guide you into finding the perfect one for you.
Types of dressing tables
Before you take a plunge into randomly searching for a dressing table online, it is important to know different the types of dresser and the kind of dressing table designs that will be compatible with your home and your style.
● Traditional dressers – These dressing table designs are made to make one feel grand with their inlay features. Traditional dressers often require a good amount of space since the patterns are ornate with a huge dressing table mirror – sometimes mirrors, and have a charm of its own.

● Contemporary dressers – These are the kinds that are designed to be more functional in terms of space and size with modern aesthetics. Contemporary dressers offer a range that can fit any apartment regardless of the size.

● Compact dressers – These are the kinds that are designed to make the space look clutter free. They are compact and sometimes have the ability to multi function – can be used as a console, work desk or can have a full-length dressing table mirror with plenty of storage space.

How much should a dressing table cost?
Depending on the choice of material your dressing table price will vary and that is why it is important to know the materials used. For instance a solid wood dresser will be expensive whereas dressing tables made out of engineered wood or rubber wood would be more on the affordable side.

Material used in the making
Once you know the ideal type of dressing table for you, the next step would be to look into the material used in the making and its longevity.
● Solid wood – Wooden dressing table made out of solid wood is manufactured using slabs of fully grown trees.
Solid wood can be easily carved into beautiful ornate designs and shaped into any form. The surface of a solid wood furniture will have natural grains and hence no surface would look alike.
Teak, rosewood, oak, and maple are some of the common woods however one can differentiate the colour texture and thickness.
The durability of a solid wood will definitely last one a lifetime, however, it requires maintenance such as regular oiling and waxing.
Solid wood furniture is expensive because it is made out of cutting down fully grown trees that takes years to grow back.

● Engineered wood – Modern dressing table is made out of engineered wood, it is sometimes referred to as manmade wood, as it is made by compositing materials. It is easy to manufacture and durable.
Since engineered wood is made by composite materials its surface is covered with natural wood veneers or decorative laminates, this gives it a wooden finish and can be polished regularly like solid wood.
Plywood, HDF (high-density fibre), MDP (medium-density fibre) are some of the engineered woods available in the market.
Engineered wood is more environmentally sustainable and a good quality engineered wood is resistant to moisture damage making it a low maintenance product.

● Rubber wood – Dressing table made out of rubber wood is durable and affordable. This wood is made out of rubber tree that produces latex and belongs to the maple family – hardwood. It is also known as parawood and is known to grow in tropical regions.
Rubber wood is considered as one of the most eco-friendly materials, since it is made after it completes its latex producing cycle. A rubber tree takes approximately nine years to begin its latex extraction and continues until 30 years before being harvested for furniture purpose.
Rubber wood can be one of the most durable materials that is resistant to weather damage when it is treated and seasoned well with preservatives and proper drying process.

Where is the best place to put the dressing table?
After finding the perfect dressing table, it needs to be placed in a way that flows with your rhythm and style.
Depending on your space you can either put a modern dressing table in your bedroom near the window – there is a range of modern dressing table designs for bedrooms that you can choose from.
You can have a dressing table with mirror and lights in your walk-in closet if that is your requirement.
And if you are looking for something more compact then you can have a wall-mounted compact dresser with mirror in your bathroom.

Home décor tips for your dresser
There are few questions you need to ask yourself since it is your dressing area – what should be on the dressing table? Would you need extra accessories to make it more functional? What are you going to do in terms of lighting?
Let’s turn your dressing area into a beautiful haven since you are going to spend some time getting ready.
● You need a chair – Having a comfortable dresser stool or a chair is an essential part of a dressing area and an investment. You will be spending time caring for yourself and getting ready everyday so you need to be seated comfortably.

● Lighting is crucial – Whenever you look into the mirror you need to have enough light. There are two ways to approach this – either you place your dresser near a big window so that you have enough natural light brightening you up or you opt for a dressing table mirror with lights. Having enough light will help you get ready without being fussy.

● Keep it organized – When you keep your beauty essentials handy and organized getting ready will be relaxed and hassle free. You can get small trays and holders so that every object has a designated place. This way your dresser will remain organized at all times.
A dressing table is a key piece of furniture in your home, it is an investment. Finding the ideal dressing table will make your life easier. All you need is a dressing area and some self-love.