5 awesome decor tips to give a turquoise makeover to your home

Have you ever walked into a house decorated in a single color theme and wondered why you haven’t been able to create the same look and feel in your home? Getting home interior decoration right is not as simple, especially if you want to go with one color theme. And all the more if the color is turquoise.

From the same color family as teal or sea blue, turquoise is a bold color – one that can instantly transform a space from dull and boring to wow and gorgeous. The cool blue color is everywhere this winter. Here are five tips to give a turquoise makeover to your home. The good part – you can apply these tips to just about any other color.

1. Know what a monochromatic color scheme means
A monochromatic color scheme is based on a single color. However, this doesn’t mean one must stick to only one color – in this case, turquoise. The blue can be punctuated with complementary colors as well. Conversely, different shades of the same color can be used in monochromatic themes. It helps to add differentiation in the space.

2. Start from a smaller room or space
It can be intimidating to go monochrome if you haven’t taken that route before. Hence, it is advisable to start small. Begin with the smallest room or space, eg., the dining space or the smallest room in the house. This will help you understand what works and what doesn’t before you move on to larger spaces. If you’re starting with the bathroom, look at one or two shades of turquoise for the tiles, walls, bathroom mat, and accessories.

3. Choose one main decor piece in turquoise
Every room usually has one centerpiece that stands out from the rest. It could be a potted plant, a painting, a rug on the floor, a wall in a different color, or even a sofa. Pick the piece, preferably the biggest in size in

your chosen color. If you have patterned surfaces – upholstery, curtains, rugs, or wooden furniture – make sure the patterns have a hint of your chosen color.

4. Texture is important
When you choose a single color, especially a bold one such as turquoise, it is important to pay attention to texture. Texture will bring variation and make sure the color doesn’t fall flat. And how do you add texture? Here’s how: choose upholstery that is textured, not flat for different types of furniture; curtains, cushion covers, and even walls can have texture.

5. Break up the color theme
Choosing one color theme doesn’t mean sticking to one color only. It’s important to break the monotony with a contrasting color. Throw in a couple of green or white cushions if the upholstery is blue. Similarly, if the walls are blue, place a white pot against it. If too many accessories and decor pieces aren’t your thing, break the monotony with wooden furniture. That will do the trick.

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