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11 Nov

Do Up Your Child’s Room!

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It is very important for your child’s room to reflect his/her personality as only then will they feel at home. Decorating your child’s room is a great opportunity for parents to know them better. It involves getting into minor details as you want the child to be organized and not live in their own mess. Here’s how you can decorate it on a budget!

 1) Is your kid scared about turning out the lights at night? Get him a glow-in-the-dark moon and stars set! This fun set will avoid the room from plunging into complete darkness and will excite your child to turn off the light!

 2) Ask your child his/her favorite color and do up the room in that shade. Don’t get stuck on trends as a Barbie or superhero theme may be relevant to your child today but he may grow out of it tomorrow.

3) Felt boards are an excellent way to connect with your child! Encourage him to post his latest interests, drawings on the felt board. If he has done well on a test in school, ask him to post that sheet on the board as it will motivate him to keep performing better.

4) Wholesome lighting is extremely mandatory for a kid’s room. Overall lighting is a necessity but so is a reading light. It may even help them find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

5) Children get interested in different things all through their growing years. Collect them and put them on display on any one wall. They will cherish it later.

Your child’s room will be a strong memory for them some day. So do it up to the best of your ability!


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