Contemporary Living Room – How to Get the Look?

Love revamping your living room to keep up with the styles of the moment? Well, if you enjoy modern décor, then you are a follower of contemporary style. It necessarily implies decorating your living room in a subtle and sophisticated manner. The interiors fundamentally should focus more on space, rather than things. It is about making the interiors welcoming and comfortable without any clutter or giving it a dark look.

Focus on the shapes, furniture, colour and light by following the tips below to easily achieve the contemporary living room look.

The Use of Colour: When you want to give a makeover to your living room, start with the colour primarily. Once the tone is in place, doing up the rest will be easy.

Make neutral colours the kingpin. In contemporary style – neutrals, black and white colours are predominant. Though you can always punch-up the neutral tone with a b colour pop, however, keep the essential theme in pastel, white or black.


Mystifying blue and calming greys shall complement the pastel colour walls with perfection. Shop for this look from @home!

Line & Space: These are the distinct yet vital elements of contemporary  design, which are potentially visible in your choice of furniture, wall paintings and frames. So, to achieve the look, ensure vertical or horizontal lines and elegant curves in frames and furniture.


Equally important is the space factor. Less is more when it comes to the contemporary style of living room. Keep enough space between wall and furniture and think of designing a bare wall area above the furniture.

Standalone stone walls are in trend. Minimalist and discreet, such changes can easily give a contemporaneous appeal.


Contemporary Furniture: When it comes to choosing the furniture for your living room, give precedence to its architectural detail. Like when it comes to the TV cabinet opt for a piece with clean lines. Something like the below @home wall unit.


Smooth and clean shapes are essential. Even when it comes to upholstered furniture, stick to natural fibres that can give a textural appeal.


Lighting Consideration: When creating a contemporary living room design highlight the focal points with lighting. There are different types of light fixtures, which you can use to accent the room. Use spotlights to highlight a beautiful painting or a photo. Place the framed art on eye level and use accent lighting to focus on it.


Along with accent lighting, ambient lighting is also essential when it comes to contemporary décor. In a living room, nothing can impart a better look, than an alluring chandelier. How about a striking piece like this from @home?


Put Potted Greens: Getting the greens inside have become a fundamental design element. So, add the potted greens in large and simple containers. It is the ideal way of adding an element of nature in your home while giving it a modern appeal. However,keep the arrangement simple and neat. If space allows, you can bring task lighting to play and throw light on the green leaves.


Utilise Prints & Patterns: Avoid the use of colourful prints in a plain space. It will spoil the essence of a contemporary home. Accentuate a black leather chair with a zebra print cushion cover. Alternatively, you can beautify a neutral sofa with a black cushion as depicted in the image below.


Get this look from @home!

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