How to Choose the Right Sofa for your Rental Home?


Do you sigh after looking at those gorgeous living rooms and tell yourself, “Someday, even my living room would look like this”? Well, why wait to make this happen when you can choose plush, versatile and affordable sofa set to do up the living room even for a rented space? After all, you may be living in a rented home due to work, which is true for most urban dwellers. So, stop denying yourself and make your living room as gorgeous as you wish.

@home has plenty of such options. Before you start browsing or head out to a store near you, read on the below tips to choose the perfect sofa.

Think of the Size: To understand what is going to fit best in your rental home, measure the space. You can either go the measuring tape way or randomly place objects and try navigating around. If the sofa does not block the walkway, then go for it.

PRO Tip: To make things easy for you, @home comes with images of the sofa in a living room set-up. See here and get an idea of placement and appearance.



Explore the Styles: When it comes to choosing the sofa style, let the purpose be the defining factor. Whether it is for catering to those large gatherings or to lone movie nights? While sectional is great for gatherings, a recliner perfectly complements movie nights. You can also explore a 3+2 or 3+1+1 sofa layout for optimum seating space and sitcoms.

Pro Tip: If the sectional sofa is on your mind, then treat yourself to a compact version as shown in the image and for recliners check here.


The Comfort Quotient: Do this check on the depth, length and filling parameter. It’s the depth which is a must if those entertainment nights get planned in your living room. Likewise, consider the length and filling for comfy guest visits and night long chit-chats.

Pro Tip: For more guests and comfort factor, find a 20-24-inch depth sofa or go for a three seater pattern.


Focus on Fabric & Colour: Give the sofa upholstery its due importance if you are looking at making the sofa the focal point of the living room. The upholstery and colour will have a big impact on the room appearance.

In the cold regions, leather sofas can be ideal. While, if it’s sunny for the most part of the year and your living room gets ample sunlight, then look for synthetic fabrics. Other than the temperature outside, the inside one is also an influencing factor. If you have a furry pet or toddler baby, then choose a sofa with easy to clean fabric, as those stains and marks will be an everyday struggle.

Pro Tip: Along with the region and home requirements, choose a fabric and colour that can go well with different colour tones. In a rented space, selecting the wall paint is often a limitation. In such a case, neutral colour tones like this will be a safe bet.


Create the Look: How about creating the sofa set look without buying one? Well, look for futon sets or sofa-like-bed. Voila! Getting the look will be a breeze.


Let’s get started and buy sofas that complement your style and enliven your rental home! shop at a store near you or click here to shop the look from our website!