Steps For A Spotless Home!

Everybody loves a clean house but very few of us really have the time and energy to mop and dust every other day. Here are some cool tips to make the cleaning chore more organized. 

Read on to know more.

1) Clean Mirrors:

Your house will look a lot tidier if the mirrors are clean. Glass cleaners and paper towels are over-rated to say the least.  Just some vinegar and an old newspaper will do the trick and make your mirrors shining as new.

2) Neat Fridge:

Cleaning a refrigerator makes it look bigger. Start with wiping down the top shelves and work your way down. Baking soda and water make a great cleaner and won’t leave your fridge with a bad odor.

 3) Tidy Bathroom:

Your first step should be to wipe the tiles squeaky clean. Alcohol can be used to shine bathroom faucets. Any bathroom that stinks is cringe-worthy and takes away the beauty of your home.

4) Sparkling Windows:

Start with vacuuming all around the window, including the nooks and crannies and the windowsill. Use a wet cotton or cloth, swab with a little liquid detergent to clean any dirt hiding in corners. Crystal clear windows are the sign of a clean home.

5) Clean Flooring and Furniture:

The flooring of your house is most tedious to clean as you need to sweep under the sofas, chairs, beds and any other such furniture. Cleaning drawers, shelves, and cupboards is also essential as dust from the window tends to settle on them most often.

Divide the cleaning among members of the home or do it over a span of few days to accomplish the task smoothly.