Home Furnishings We Are Crushing On

From pretty Minion blankets to cute cushions for couples, the linen market is flooded with fun and quirky bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains that will add zing to your home interiors. This season, don’t be afraid to go all out. Here’s some cool linen that caught our eyes and then stole our heart.

1)      Minion Love-

The cute and adorable creatures from Despicable Me got you swooning over them? They got us going ‘aww’ too! This colourful minion bed sheet will make you want to stay in bed all night and all day long!


2)      Kissed Cushion-

Imagine entering a room with these pretty pillows placed on the bed. Wouldn’t it be a pleasing sight? These cushion covers are a fabulous yet inexpensive gift to give to your partner. Get shopping!

3)      Monochrome moustache-

The mustache print has dominated the fashion market for quite some time and the rage won’t die down anytime soon. Women surely have some or the other accessory or apparel lying in their closet that has the famous mustache print. It’s time you bring it home and add that missing touch of quirk and glamour!

4)      Aztec Adventure-

From a vibrant colour scheme to the cool zig-zag pattern, the Aztec print cannot go wrong! Add some radiance to your home décor with these quirky curtains that are dominating the furnishing market this festive season.

These pretty home furnishings have set our head and heart spinning! What about you?