Give Your Balcony A Much Needed Makeover!



There’s nothing more gratifying than a home makeover that makes us sigh with happiness. Wouldn’t you agree? Balconies are a rare-spotting now-a-days. And if you have that little space extending from your window, make the most of it! We show you how.

1)      Flooring should be your first step. Once you decide on whether you want to go for a plain tiled look or a more classic carpet look, you will be able to envision the rest of the makeover easily.

2)      The furniture you put in your balcony is of utmost importance as it will make or break the look you are aiming for. Don’t overdo it with sofas but don’t under do it too with a single chair placement. The amount of furniture your balcony can accommodate is dependent upon how spacious it is.

3)      Love plants but don’t know where to keep them to beautify your home? Your balcony is the place where you can grow creepers along the railing of the balcony or place several pots. Not only will this make your balcony come alive but also add a fantastic touch of greenery to your home.

4)      If you want to go a step further, you can also place a small table with two chairs for tea-time purpose. Looking at the sun set while sipping on a hot beverage in a beautifully decorated balcony will ward off any stress you may be feeling.

5)      If all else fails and you don’t want to clutter your already tiny balcony, put a beautiful bean bag and it will work magic like no other!

Treat each room as a separate entity and see how brilliant your home looks as a whole!