The paint you chose for your home is of utmost importance as it reflects your style and also influences the energies of your home. When it comes to certain spaces in your house, the type of paint really does matter because certain paints give off a certain smell even after they dry, certain paints are good for certain spaces (like the moisture of a bathroom) and some paint colours are going to look different in different rooms depending on things like natural and artificial light.


1)      Painting the kitchen-

Most people go with pretty tiles and marble material for their kitchen to give it a modern feel. However, if tiling is not your thing, you can go ahead with using paint. Colour-selection for the kitchen should ideally depend on the person who spends most time in the kitchen. If you can’t settle on a colour, you can use the same tone that you are using in your living room.

2)       Painting the bathroom-

Mold resistant paint keeps mold from growing.  Mold doesn’t just discolour your walls and it’s not just bad for you to inhale, it can also eat away at the wall. These paints have a wide variety of colour selection and therefore you don’t have to worry about losing out on the trend aspect in order to protect your walls.

For bathrooms, try colours such as blue, yellow and white. Avoid dark colours to avoid a gloomy look in your bathroom which in most cases is a small area.

3)      Painting the Bedroom-

Choosing bedroom paint colours is a lot easier than you think, but people tend to make it more difficult a decision than anything else.  When it comes to colours, you simply have to consider a few different factors such as trends, mood, lighting, and other colours in your home that you are attracted to and do like.

When it comes to choosing the best colours for your bedroom, it’s really important to think about setting the mood.  Usually when people talk about setting the mood, they are referring to textures or light.  But in this case, we are talking about colours.  Different colours emote different emotions.  So when it is time to pick colours for your bedroom, look into something like colour psychology and how it affects the space you are in.

4)      Painting the Living Room-

The living room is that part of your home which your friends and guests see when they first enter your home. It is for this reason that it is very important to choose a colour that is soothing to the eyes yet is not outdated. While peach, off white and cream are safe bets; you can do something different by painting your living room a deep red, vibrant yellow or a pretty shade of violet.