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19 May

Feng Shui Tips To Swear By

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Getting started with feng shui for your home can be easy when you start with the house basics and gradually move on to the more complex feng shui levels. You don’t want to take on more than you can chew and make the whole task daunting.

Everything around us is all about energy, and the principles of Feng Shui teach us to manage and balance that energy in the right way, so that positive vibes around us can be captured and make our lives better. Feng Shui can also help us be free from the negative energy.

Home is where the heart is. In order to make your home even more peaceful and to increase the happiness quotient in the family, follow these simple Feng Shui tips!

1)      Fill your home with light-

A good amount of quality light is very essential for good feng shui energy in your home. Open the windows often. If possible, keep your windows open all day. Let light and air filter in. They bring with them positive energy and gradually throw out negative energy. Allow as much natural light as possible into your home, and consider using full-spectrum lights.

2)      Get rid of the clutter with immediate effect!

Get rid of everything you do not love in your house. Things which are unwanted and not needed should be disposed away.  Clutter clearing is a time-and energy-consuming process that will feel like therapy, but its end result will be extremely rewarding. Do not skip this step, as it is an essential one in creating harmonious house feng shui energy.

3)      Saved by the bell-

Hang a Tibetan bell on the wall outside your home. In order to improve the overall energy levels of your house, ring this Tibetan bell around the house every few days. This will empower the positive energy in and around your house.

4)      Know and recognize the energy of your home-

Being able to recognize the energy of your home is of utmost importance. For if you recognize it, you will understand how it influences your well-being. Make a habit of paying close attention to the so-called feng shui “trinity” that is deeply connected to your health – your bedroom, your bathroom and your kitchen. Nothing is static in the world of energy, so be wise and keep your home healthy and happy.

5)      Flooring Feng shui-

Check if any tile or an area of flooring is broken. If you find that a part of the floor is broken in your home, get it repaired or replaced, as soon as possible, because the negative energy it spreads may affect your relationship with your family members. If repairing is not possible, you may also put a carpet to cover the damaged area.

After you have mastered these five home feng shui steps, you can explore the deeper levels of feng shui and take home peace to another level altogether. Be sure to start with the basic steps, though, to have fun and enjoy the process.


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