5 Steps to Perfect Your Christmas Décor

Did your Christmas home decor not look Christmas-sy at all last year? Fret not! Here’s how you can bring Christmas in 2015 in style!

1)    Color theme-

Choose a color theme and then stick to it. If you want red and golden or green and white, pick a theme and sync all your decorations so that they fall in the same color palette. Colorful is good. Over the top is not.

2)    Wreath-

Make a simple wreath instead of buying one. There are several DIY ideas you will come across on the internet that will help you choose a wreath that will suit your home perfectly. Also, making is not only an inexpensive option but more fun too.

3)    Stockings and other decorations-

From holly leaves to pretty stockings, go all out and decorate your home to give it a Christmas-sy feel. You can include your stairway, walls and even a fireplace if you have one while doing up your home. While it is your home and you can decorate it as you please, try not to cover every inch of your place!

4)    A little in every room-

Engulf every part of your home in Christmas decorations! From placing beautiful candles in the dining area to red towels in your bathroom, let every room in your home radiate the festive spirit.

5)    Christmas tree-

And finally, one of the most beautiful parts of Christmas! Don’t compromise while picking the perfect Christmas tree for your home. You will know the perfect tree as soon as you spot it. Decorate it will stockings, candies, stars and everything relating to this wonderful festival!

Go ahead, beautify your home and have a fabulous Christmas!