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03 Dec

Ever thought of decorating your room by your zodiac sign? Here goes!

 Aries– Aries is the quintessential minimalist. They don’t overpopulate their décor. They do minimum so well that it makes guests wonder if they should renovate their home to make it look minimal too!

Taurus- When Taurus decorates, they go all the way! The luxury-loving Bull doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to their home, and it shows.

Gemini- Gemini loves to mix and match instead of sticking to one theme. While the kitchen might be deluxe, the bathroom might look like it’s straight out of the woods!

Cancer- Cancer wants a safe haven to come home to. Elegance and comfort is their style.

Leo- Leos are partial to their bedroom and spend most of their time at home holed up in their personal space so you’ll find a lot of living room, kitchen and probably even bath accessories lying somewhere in their personal space!

Virgo- Virgos generally just go with a nautical theme. They probably call in different experts who specialize in various aspects of home décor as they want everything in their home to be picture perfect.

Libra- Librans are creative and indecisive when it comes to choosing home décor. They might mix and match and come up with a unique theme which was not what they planned when they started off.

Scorpio- Scorpions go for drama! When you walk into a Scorpio’s haven you will be amazed at the number of things that are bound to catch instant attention!

Sagittarius- Sagittarians love to travel and a token from every place they have visited will be littered all over their house.

Capricorn- The Goat places a lot of value on good lighting, so the curtains are sheer and lamps are numerous. They like mystique and their interior choices strongly reflect that!

Aquarius- Aquarians love their books and that is amply clear in their décor. From shelves to cabinets to sofas, there will be books everywhere!

Pisces- Pisces needs everything to be just right. The Fish isn’t comfortable unless the windows are large enough to let enough light in and the bed is soft yet firm enough so they are comfortable.

So, what’s your style? 🙂

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