Choosing the Right Sofa for Home

Sofas are one piece of furniture that is a bit of an investment – both in terms of the money it costs and the time it spends as the centerpiece of the living room. It is therefore very essential to choose a good quality sofa that reflects the style and design that your living room conveys.

Here are a few essentials that one needs to keep in mind while buying a sofa,

Purpose and Usage:

Firstly one needs to get a good idea of the style and the purpose of the sofa before making a choice. It is also necessary to consider factors like, how many people are going to use the sofa? Does it need to match the existing décor of the room? Are guests going to sleep on it? Is it going to be used on a regular basis?

Once the purpose s defined, one can look at making a right choice at short listing sofas.

Size Matters:

Make sure that the size of the sofa is right for the room. It shouldn’t overpower the room or stop the flow of traffic. Scale and proportion are both significant. A sofa should complement the living room in a positive manner.

Fabric & Prints:

Fabric and colors need to be chosen wisely when it comes to sofas, while a particular set of colors may be the trends for the season, one need to think whether they will remain in trend down the years.  The fabric should also be thought of with regard to the usage of the sofa. In a home with more members and children, an easy to clean fabric would make an ideal choice. Leather can be chosen keeping the maintenance in mind.

One also needs to give a thought while deciding upon the prints, it needs to match the décor and the mood that the room intends to set. If the décor is in pastels, a bright and colorful print may not be the best option.

Keeping these simple tips in mind is sure to help you choose the perfect Sofa set for your room that will leave a stunning impression.