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21 Sep

Picture1We rush through every day, wishing those we live with, but end up forgetting the most important part of our existence – Our home.

On the special occasion of our 10th year anniversary, we would like to walk you down a memory lane of how a home makes a special connection with you over the years. You tend to make memories at every corner or space you dwell in, and that’s the highlight of a perfect home.

A home is an integral part of a family, and every nook and corner is maintained with love and precision.


With so many memories within these four walls, we pay homage to each room of a home.

Every room has a meaning for each one of us. It may have a different meaning, but every part means a lot.

Your home stood by you throughout the day and you don’t even realize it.

  1. That beautiful breakfast you had every morning on the table.Picture3
  2. That shelf that held your morning paper.Picture4
  3. That coffee mug that’s always there for you every morning.Picture5
  4. That vast wardrobe which gave you the perfect clothes.
    picture 6
  5. That scrumptious dinner cooked in the kitchen.
  6. Picture6That couch where you sat and gossiped with those closest to you.Picture7
  7. The pillows that you hugged close.
  8. Picture8Those un-resting midnight hunger pangs when friends come over.Picture9
  9. That comfy chair where you relaxed while reading your book.Picture10
  10. That fluffy bed that gave rest to your tired body and soul.Picture11


Every piece of furniture plays a part in our daily routine, and we think it is time for us to say a big thank you.

For all the times we looked through you,

For all the times you supported us when we needed it most

Thank you.

So take out some time and fall in love with the roof over your head\, and feel thankful for every part of it.

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