Setting up a Bachelor Pad

Bachelor pads are a perfect blend of comfort as well as style. While it should be cool enough to host your Friday parties, it should also be a comfortable to accommodate your parents on their next visit.

A few essentials and tips while setting up are sure to give your abode a stylish touch without losing the warmth and comfort,

Keep it well lit:

Having a well-lit bachelor pad is a must.  It’s best to have a few different sources of lighting in each room.  When looking for table lamps or floor lamps make sure they are in the same type of style as your furniture. Additionally, try and find lamps with dimmers, that way you can control how much light is being emitted, perfect for setting the mood.

Accessorize it Right:

 Every bachelor pad should have a least a few pieces of artwork, preferably something in every room.  It can be a poster, a painting, a wall hanging or an accessory. Having a piece of art will give life to the room.  Keep the art tasteful and sophisticated.

Choosing the right furniture:

Space savers play a crucial role while setting up a bachelor pad, while a comfortable couch is a must have in the living room, bean bags can be a good match for the bedroom and study.

Choose the right colours:

“The sky is the limit when it comes to colors for a bachelor space; accentuate a neutral space with pops of bold colours, to make a room appear lively.

A bachelor pad that is pleasing to the eyes is sure to win hearts.  Stay tuned for more blogs on Bachelor Pad essentials and maintenance.