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07 Apr

“Listen to the colour of your dreams.” Yes you must! This applies to what you pick to put on your back and which colours you choose to be around. It’s tried and tested that colours can change your mood from tragic to magic; so it is very essential for you to wisely pick colours for you home as you are going to see them around and be around them for years, or until you again plan to redecorate!

So here’s a fail proof guide that will help you choose the colour that’s meant for you!

Make a list: All of us have dreamt about having the perfect home. We all have painted a lovely picture in our minds and executing it even feels better than dreaming. But you can’t be too sure as you don’t know with the available products what is your final picture is going to look like? So the first thing would be to list down all your favourite colours together and try painting them next to each other in a handy drawing book. Keep trying till you find the perfect combination. You’re going to know it’s right when it’s right!

Trial & Error: Just like you try your clothes before buying them. A tiny bit of experimentation shouldn’t hurt. And trust us, all inventions begin with experimentation!

Pick a small area of your home; like a cozy nook or an accent wall. Look at the process as an adventure. Start splashing your favourite colours, be as creative as possible; you never know a tiny element in your home could just steal the show.

Go by your gut NOT your mood: You may be happy and cheerful today, dull and gloomy tomorrow. Moods change; so never make the selection of the colour for your home on the basis of you current mood. Just look out for the shade that makes you the most happy and stick to it like glue.

The ambiance of rooms:

Bedrooms are supposed to be relaxing and comforting or romantic and warm. Hence opt for shades that create a quieter feeling or if you want to go the intimate way pick shades that are enticing.

Dining areas should be affable and inspiring! Here you can play with contrasting bright shades that add to a sociable atmosphere. Go for deep blues and greens if you want to keep the ambience formal but if you want your dining area to liven up your mood totally, opt for citrus burst and happy shades such as amber or saffron or even a deep marmalade would be divine.

Kid’s rooms have to be exciting; bubbling up with energy and positivity. At the same time restful and orderly. The key is not to over stimulate your children with intensely bright hues as they may cause a feeling of strife and touchiness. Just strike a right balance among chirpy and tranquil shades; they will do the trick for you and your children are absolutely going to love it.

Hope now you have an idea of how to pick the right shade for your home! If you still don’t you can always look for inspirations or take an online home colour test. Upload a picture of your room, virtually fill in colours and keep re-doing till you get it right.

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