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05 Aug

How do we transform a plain Jane home into a vibrant cheerful one? 

Think, think, think.. The keyword is COLOUR!

 Colours play an important role in setting up a home.  A home is just a house made of four walls until we throw in the cushions, fix curtains, lay the rug on the floor and a dining table smiles with the runners and place mats on it. Isn’t it so true?

The effect of color is a topic widely debated, and color psychology has demonstrated that perception, thoughts and how we react are influenced by the colors around us. Colours and their meanings have evolved through the centuries! And when you are in a room, wall colors and objects affects us and our mood. Colour plays an important role and it’s more about personal preferences of each of us, reflecting our style and mood.

There are three key steps that can help you with the process of color selection:

1. Find Inspiration

You can come up with ideas by creating a portfolio of what appeals to you: a favorite painting, the color of your baby’s eyes, an unforgettable vacation in Andamans or that great hike in the Himalayas.

First, take into consideration your inspirational image’s common denominators in terms of color. Do you like a variety of colors or particular shades and tints of a specific color? Do you like them bold or muted? Digging deep in the well of inspiration plays an important role in selecting and whittling down your choices.


2. Define the Mood

Secondly, is there a mood or theme that you would like to achieve in a particular space? Do you want a restful feel in the bedroom, or an energizing feel to the family room? The mood will lay the groundwork on the desired visual impact of a chosen paint color palette.



3. Use Key Elements in Your Home

Last but not least, take stock of all the key elements in your house. Do you have carpeting, tiles, modern or antique furniture? The color of the flooring is an important consideration when you choose colors because it anchors the room and can impact the color on the wall due to reflections.


4. Furnish it the right way –

Furnishings also play an important role in determining the perfect color scheme for your house. Since these are usually the most expensive and not easily replaced items in the house, they tend to suggest a coordinating color scheme that ties everything together. An invaluable heirloom dining table, for example, will never be discarded just because it doesn’t match the wall color of the dining room.






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