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14 Mar

Ever wondered why everyone is so fitness conscious these days? You probably are one of them too. Now, we are happy to see people taking time out of their daily routine to go on a jog or hit the gym. At the same time people are also cautious of what they eat, in an effort to keep both their bodies and minds sound. But there is one thing people usually miss out in this fitness cycle. SLEEP!

There is no denying that a lot of us compromise on our sleep to make time for our other daily chores and even gym. In the process, we do not realise how our lack of sleep is makes the gym and diet cycle redundant. Not that we are blaming you.

This week we focus on something you should be spending one-third of your life on in order to make the other two-thirds healthy. So this World Napping Day we tell you how small alterations to your bedroom and living room furniture can make your sleep better:

  1. Your Mattress Matters

How can you make World Napping Day perfect for you - Mattress Matters

Uncomfortable beds and mattresses are one of the main reasons for improper sleep. We are often told about our posture being incorrect but we tend to ignore the fact that our mattress make a lot of difference to the way we sleep. There is a science behind this too. Your body weight and height determine the kind of mattress you would be comfortable sleeping in. The firmness of your mattress should proportional to your mass, meaning the more your body mass, the firmer your bed needs to be. This is the reason why not all kinds of mattresses suit everyone. Now coming to bed, there is one simple thing to keep in mind i.e enough leg space. That’s true! Our body needs space even will we are sleeping.

  1. Pillow & Cushion Comfort

@home - World Napping Day - Pillows and Cushions

Cushion and comfort are the words that always go together. Same goes for the pillows. You obviously don’t want to keep shifting your position in bed, waking up with a neck and shoulder pain. Just like mattresses, there is a bit of a science in choosing the right pillow too. The difference here though is not that the comfort of your pillow depends not on your height and your body weight, but on the way you sleep. If you sleep on your back, it is recommended that you choose a pillow that has medium thickness and is not very fluffy. But on the other hand, if you are one of those who sleep on their stomach, soft pillows are what you should go for. In case you suffer from constant neck and back pain respectively, you can choose pillows specifically designed to provide support to your neck and spine.

  1. Treat Your Olfactory Senses

@home - How can you make “World Napping Day” perfect for you - Scented Candles

Scientific studies show how various fragrances help calm and relax your mind, helping you sleep better. Lavender is believed to be the most relaxing of them all, but depending on your preference, you can try sandalwood, chamomile, jasmine or rose. Rub some fragrant oil on your wrist or damn some on your pillow. A fragrance diffuser does the trick too. What can be further soothing is a nice little bath with scented candles. Nothing de-stresses like a warm bath and aromatic candles.

These are just the small teaks you can make to your bedroom, but what is more important is that you take care of your sleep routine making sure you keep a good balance between your diet, fitness and sleep. Neglect one of them and the other two go for a toss! Happy World Napping Day.

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